Malikot ang Agos 2001

Malikot ang Agos features a pretty campus girl, Veronica Gatchalian (Allona Amor) who gets herself into a complex set of problems. Defying what to her is her lola's unusual strictness, Vero gives in to her promiscuity. She goes into staying out late with her friends, drinking and sleeping with boyfriend Rico (Shanghai). Having peeped at her lola's tenant Totoy (Fernando Montenegro) bathing naked, she tempts him into giving in to her fleshly desire. Her string of troubles begin when she disregards her lola's instructions to stay home and nurse her continually sick mother, instead of attending the "birthday" party of a friend. Defiant, she goes off, leaving her consenting mother to a specially challenged Uncle Boyong and his playmate, a little boy Ato. From hereon, Vero's life takes a number of bizarre turns.

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