‘Kim Domingo: State of Undress’ Is here!

After some counteless paintful days of waiting kim’s very first ever gravure book is here, titled ‘Kim Domingo: State of Undress‘. Well i must say the book is kinda… Underwhelming? After waiting paintently for the digital version i was very dissapointed. Don’t get me wrong, i like the photos and the quality is great, and all of them are on the spot on showing how beautiful she is.But i’m talking about Kim Domingo, she could’ve sacrificed a bit more skin to the camera, this looks more like a fashion shoot more than a gravure one, which i expected. And yeah there are few worthy photos here and there; especially some photos where her tits were only covered by her hands. But even those photos could’nt salvage me from my dissapointment, the only thing they did–besides giving me a semi–was to make me realize that Kim has awful breast implants. But hey, who am i to complain when i only got the book for free which is btw from a guy named ‘fender‘ from the website called, he provided the download link to the book.Anyway, i will be providing partial photos if you want the whole pdf of the book, i will provide the link below.

Thank you for your vote!

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